Cinda Chatfield ,  B.A.

Child Development/Behavior Specialist

Cinda Chatfield's work and words of advice have been featured in numerous publications throughout Southern California!

Cinda regularly contributes her advice to the online publication, the lifestyle network for Moms!
Her articles address parenting tips for Parents of  infants, toddlers, & young children!

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This article challenges the perception that young children cannot learn lessons about respecting others, and teaches parents effective strategies about how to educate their toddlers!

This article shares advice on how to teach your children to have an appropriate relationship with the growing presence of technology in their lives!

This article discusses important New Year's Resolutions that will benefit your whole family, and last the whole year!

"Our Most Cherished Gift" by Cinda Chatfield
This article offers insight on the best kind of gifts to give your children this holiday season!

"Are you a 'Black-Friday' Parent?"  by Cinda Chatfield
This article addresses the need for family time that is year-round, not just around the holidays!

"How Moms Can Turn Picky Eaters into Healthy Eaters"  by Cinda Chatfield
This article gives helpful tips for moms who want to add variety to their kid's picky diet!

This article discusses the types of changes that really matter this new year!

Cinda was featured on the front page in the Thousand Oaks Acorn Newspaper, "Ready, Willing and Able". She shares her knowledge and insight regarding how to go about seeking employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. 

“The important thing is to find something that fits,” she said. “Every individual is different, whether you have a special need or you don’t.”

Cinda has devoted her life to helping advise parents and children in the steps that are to be met to lead a successful life. She is pleased to reach out to the community and share resources to further aid families.

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      Cinda was featured in the Conejo Calendar for her work with Child Behavior Services, in 2007. Child Behavior Services, founded by Cinda, work with children who have behavioral disabilities or special needs.

The firm shared one of Chatfield & Company's main goals: to empower parents and educators to embrace a proactive approach in managing their children's behavioral challenges while providing the necessary tools to ensure that every child may reach their full potential. Through Child Behavior Services, Cinda and her colleagues were able to provide individualized, proactive approaches to shape behaviors and build skills for personal, social, and academic success for the children.